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Monday, 31 December 2018

End of year

I'm not going to go on about what I've won, (not as much as I used to lol) it doesn't matter to much any more, I really.enjoy the matches , as much for the banter and on the whole the good people that fish, most are ok , some are up themselves a bit , but that's just human nature I suppose, as long as we all enjoy it , that's all that matters.
It's been a bit of a cruel year , losing some really good friends , and pets, but that's life, you just got to pick yourself up and get on with it suppose, but it ain't that easy sometimes.
Some of my best days on the bank this year have been with judith, whether she watched or we had days when just the two of us did something different, be it barbel on the wye, drop shotting on the canal , Portishead marina or from a rock Mark or pier somewhere in the southwest, and she does quite enjoy catching good carp on the pole with fish to 18lb for her this year, with some good photo opportunities on the way, my favourite has to be her being bitch slapped by a carp on an evening at huntstret, priceless.
And Landsend fishery aswell lol
I see  a pattern forming, also we have been given our first grandchild by our eldest and his wife, well done Simon and Georgia, welcome brody. To say we are chuffed is an understatement. 😍.

Here's to some more outings with her this year, I'm not going to write any more  except to wish everyone a really good and hopefully prosperous new year, but above all I hope for a healthy new year for all of you.
 from Judith and me.

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