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Thursday, 27 December 2018

Double blog

Two for the price of one with this blog, firstly went down to Stafford moor with Ron hardiman on Sunday for there Xmas match, breakfast in Taunton services and very tasty , 4.25 . It was going to rain all day and have a strong southerly wind blowing across it, so I said to Ron I fancied peg 7 on woodies, mainly because it's only just about 25 mtrs to the island, so with hat wind it would make for a nice wag chuck, well I was close and pulled out peg 6, trouble is you are set back over 16 mtrs from 7 and the island is angleing  away from you, making it probably 45mtrs , which is a long way.For the wag, but with a following wind I t was sort of doable, so I set up the biggest drake wag I possess , I could get it there , but it was hard to see with the ripple, I also set up the lead for for the, and a couple of pole rigs, one for 13 mtrs on the deck and the other for the left hand margin as it does have a bit of form for this, but not recently.
I'm not going to right much more about this day, mainly due to the fact I don't have much to say to be honest, I started in the wag, and it say there ok, and it went under just the once and I was connected with a fish for  a moment but it came off so I think it was fouled, I chucked the lead out and had nothing on that,only a couple of small liners, I went into the long pole and had two carp fairly quickly, but apart from a few skimmers and a lost.fouled fish that there, I kept.trying the margin but it wasn't till the last 40 minutes I had a couple of indications and had two mre.carp, final.weight 27lb for no good, steve ford who drew.7 ended up with 48lb, with the coming from the far side, as for the match ,andy.dare.on peg one tanners won with over 100lb, good angler.on a good peg, beat, there was a 90 and an 80 after.that, everyone caught a few.And  jo and Paul out on a bit of a spread in the shop after, which was a nice.touch, it's a lovely.fishery.which the coombes family  are constantly striving to improve further, so well done to them.

Today I went to acorn there were a couple of other matches on today, Todber manor, which I didn't fancy doing the drive to, and Landsend which I never new about, so acorn it was then, picked up Jason Radford and went into the bridge in yatton for breakfast, not the best, 3.25.
I think about 18 fished today I drew for mike the organiser and handed him peg 11 , much moaning from the queue lol, then I pulled out 21, the the last visit, hopefully there would be some in the swim today, it's a bridge.peg so plenty of cover , but the fish can be on the small side, for company I had Martin Alexander to my left on 23, and to my right on 18 was mardons ac 2nd best angler Mike hill, who I had already struck a pound side bet before the draw, , it was a different day today, no wind and no rain, so a good chance to dry some Things out.
I set up a rig to fish pellet towards.the far side of the bridge, as down to the empty pellet to my right and across by the aerator, it was all the same depth !
A maggot rig for halfway across the bridge and down the middle and off to the right down the middle, and a dobbing rig for along the far bank, Mike Chapman on peg 11 for us underway at 10 , and after feeding all the lines I was going to feed, I went across on the dobber, and it was pretty much the same result as last time , 35 minutes and one small common (8oz), and that action on that, down by the bridge wasn't much better I did get a coupe.of small carp, I had no bites.on any of the open water swims at all, which is pretty much the else, no bites.either down by the empty pellet to my right, well that's a bit of a lie as I lost.a.fouler, it standstill I started cupping  in just  4mm hard pellets, I did get a couple more better fish on triple maggot in the middle of the bridge, and also a couple more on banded 6mm towards the far side of the bridge, not the bigger fish you tend to need , but all the same.3 pounder were more.than welcome, with an hour to go Mike hill had had enough and was BLANKING, so he tried to sneak up and give me his quid, but I was having none of it, I had to get up and chase him to get the selfie picture of the pound handover .
But after walking around the lake and having a quick chat with his aged.mentor John  Roberts, he came back and snare 4 small carp for 7lb, I ended with 29lb for 4 th, Alan oram came.out a comfortable winner with 64lb off peg 38, all on dobbed bread fish just off the far bank,

Geoff stones was second off 5 and Mark Walsh on 13 was third, all the weights below.

Got a match at Landsend fishery on Sunday either contact myself.or Mike at the fishery to book in, 8.30 draw.

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