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Thursday, 3 January 2019

Ivy house Thursday match

At last a midweeker which isn't a costcutter, and a chance to win enough money to cover the days costs., I went on my own, so music on loud and a bit of a selfie sing  along, traffic was.ok as the school brats are still off, so no parent taxis on the road ferrying there offspring the 200 yards to school. Got to the fishery and sat down to one of Karen's finest, finished it just in time to get into the front of the draw queue, in front of des, well I beat him at that lol. 20fishing so a good number.
Out comes ball 20, means nothing to me, but the locals didn't seem to think it was that good, but it used to be ok before andy started digging and mud moving, it was an open water peg but now Andy has built some islands and fish against, and my.peg had an earth prominentery jutting out from the causeway.
Two pole rigs were.assembled, a .3g rig to fish caster at 13 mtrs, and another for banded pellet or corn on two lines at 16 mtrs, and also a wag for banded pellet towards the mud bank, but I had to come about 4 mtrs off the  mud bank to find about 2 foot of water, very shallow considering that it was very cold, especially as most of the lake is 5 1/2 foot deep, but I don't think the  carpet are as worried about shallow water as much as we are sometimes. So on Andy's whistle I fed all the lines but started.on the 13 mtr line with maggot over caster, it didn't take to long to get a bite from a small roach, soon followed by another, so  a switch to caster and the size of fish went up,  couldn't get the feeding right to be honest,  toss potting a few.casters. But when it went iffy I started firing some in and that help for a while, then a switch back to the pot , but as the match went past.the halfway point, bites became very hard to come by, the only other angler I could see catching silvers.was.des. On 26 who seemed to be getting very small roach, on pinkie so it transpired, I had a look on the wag and was surprised when the float went under, only for me to miss it, so back out towards the mud bank, and I had a 4 pounder, but That was it, so back to scratching around on the pole, the two 16 mtr lines failed to provide a single indication, then 45 minutes from the end the wag line life, and during that spell I hooked 7 carp and landed 5, the two I lost were both fouled, always a  big risk when you are fishing on a slope, but I wasn't complaining.
I thought that late burst may have propelled me into the frame, the only person that seemed to have done ok was John Williams on 29, and so it transpired, as he won on the day with 44lb, I was second with 40lb and Chris Cottrell had 35lb, des.won the silvers.with 7lb ,and  I was  second with 51/2 lb , so good day with double bubble pick up, so more than a enough of a pickup to cover my day.
Landsend on Sunday for round three of the winter.league, my turn on the match lake, can't wait.

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