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Sunday, 20 March 2016

Sunday open Landsend fishery

Sorry but I have to start with some sad news, I've heard this evening that Don Sutherland sadly passed away this morning, he was a really nice bloke and popular angler ,who I seem to have known years. my thoughts are with his family,
This will be a short blog as I don't really feel like writing it,
I drew peg 50 on lake three, happy with that as it has a nice margin with a Bush in the water that normally holds some good fish, but not today it seemed.

Decided on a meat and hard pellet attack, which I don't think was wrong as all the weights came to meat , but I couldn't get a bite on it in any area of the swim, and to add insult to injury I had Dave Westcott, aka beany next door on 51 who proceeded to give me a right spanking fishing paste 14 mtrs to his left down the track, picture below netting another carp,
I ended up with 14.3 , 10lb of which was a few f1,s, crucians , three skimmers and one perch and a shabby carp of 4.3 for a 14.3 total.
First on the day went to kev molten on peg 41 with 58.1, catching odd fish on meat from the start.
2nd Adrian Jeffery on 62 with 55.14
3rd jnt, Craig Edmunds on 61 and Clayton Hudson on 68 both with 50.14
5th Dave Westcott on 51 with 49.2
6th Andy hembrow on 55 with 46.9
Silver's went to Paul faiers on 42 with 19.4

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