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Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Tuesday costcutter acorn fishery

Had dozen fishing today , so it's improving. Eddy Gwynne chose the pegs today and most were ok , the only one really to avoid would be 15 as this back straight seems to be lacking in fish lately. Into the ping pong bag ,and yes there it was ,15 great. A bridge peg or one on the island would have been favourable but it wasn't to be.
For company on 12 was George sumpion and the other way and a long way away was organiser Mike "tollbooth" Chapman on bridge peg 21.
Main bait today was maggots, I did have some casters but couldn't see me using them, rigs today were a 4x14  for 9 5mtrs on 11 and 1 angle, a 4x12  for about  a mtr off the far bank in three spots, the last rig was for down to the empty pallet on 14, fishing maggots on all lines meant all rigs had an 18 middy 6313 on .12 line.
Picture of my peg before the wind and rain started blowing in and across from my left
At the start I cupped a sprinkling of maggots on all lines, then began on double maggot on the 9 mtr lines, but after 45 mins all I had to show for my efforts was one scale, and that was the only indication I had on those lines, so onto the further line , only to lose another fouler, I had a carp soon after that on a second line off to my right , and until the 4th hour that was the end of any action , meanwhile the normal bridge swims were producing, with 34 and 22 seeming to be leading the charge.
My  4th hour was my best catching 7 carp up to 8lb and an f1 from the shallower line across and also one down the edge, as it turned out it was a tight affair after first place with Dave Stephenson winning easily off peg 34 with  75.6
2nd Mike Owens on 22 with 47.2
3rd Glen Bailey on 2 with 43.2
4th me with 40.5
5th Ray bazeley  on 33 with 40lb
6th Mike Chapman on 21 with 39.8
The fish seem to be waking up a bit but we need some warmer weather, this weekend's forecast is for some slightly milder temps but it probably won't last.
Off to harescombe on Thursday then back to viaduct on Sunday for a match on the match lake , providing I get some calls to book in , hopefully Steve has got a few names.

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