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Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Tuesday costcutter, acorn fishery

Travelled with Chris Fox today which had the added bonus of him doing me a nice tasty breakfast.
And it was nice, shame cafe Fox doesn't open on Sundays for 7am.
Off to the fishery to find 16 fishing, spring must be on the way, even the swallow aka kev Jefferies was here, it must be warm then,
The draw got underway, I pulled out peg 30, its not a peg that's used to often , its also about as narrow as it gets here, only 9mtrs wide.
Rigs today were a 4x12 for 7 mtrs in the deepest part of the swim, but I fished two lines here at 11 and 1 o,clock angles, also a .2 as5 for against the far bank grass, also on similar angles, and a .3 as5 for just off the far bank in about 2 1/2 foot of water , also that rig would do for the empty pallets each side, as I was fishing just maggot on all lines, I had a 20 middy 8313 hook on .12 .
At the start I cupped in a few maggots on all lines but began on the 7 mtr lines, 20 minutes later and only one bite and I was picking up the just off the far side rig, I was soon playing a carp, obviously fouled and it came off, not to long before I had one in the mouth, that was safely netted then, but the day never really improved to much, it was hard to get 2 consecutive in one spot, it was necessary to keep rotating round the swims, I did lose a few foulers against the far bank, but the fish seemed uninterested in feeding, they seemed to just be swimming through, even the normally banker bridge pegs were struggling with the usual cooperative f1,s being noticeable by there absence, kev Jefferies on 27 had a burst of carp in the first couple of hours, but it didn't last, also Dave wride on 25 had a few towards the end, but I new a few had caught some down the other end of the lake , so I expected the winner to come from there, I did manage a few carp during the match and a nice perch of about 2lb aswell, and I had some small carp from under pallet 29, and I mean under, it had to be in the shadow to get a bite.
1st on the day was in form Dave Stephenson on peg 38 with 48.13, on bread I think
2nd Mike Owens on 18 with 39.7
3rd d chidzoy on 5 with 36.6
4th kev Jefferies on 27 with 35.6
5th Dave wride on 25 with 31.4
6th me with 28.9
Landsend on Sunday, book avoid disappointment.

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