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Thursday, 31 March 2016

Thursday costcutter, harescombe fishery

Bit of a shock today, there ended up with 23 fishing, which didn't leave to many spaces, so an end draw on one side or the other would be an advantage, so into the draw bag and out comes peg 16, end peg at the far end of the lake next to the bridge and outlet, not disappointed in the slightest, baits today were easy, a meat rig for down the edge. But only had a foulhooked gudgeon on that despite several attempts with it , so no more on that, another hook wasted.

This end of the lake was flat calm as the wind was northerly, I thought this may effect sport,
Maggot at 3 mtrs and hard pellet along the end bank to my left was my plan.
At the start I began on the close maggot line, but 30 mins in and only 2 gudgeon in the net I was reaching for the pellet rig, beginning at 13 mtrs along the bank, it wasn't much better than the maggot line, I did get one small carp but with no liners or bites things didn't look to good, I could here some splashing from further up the lake also if I cared to look , the more ripple on the water the more bites people seemed to be getting, opposite me on 15 was another Gloucester old boy in the shape of Tony price, but he was faring worse than me , before the start we reckoned on being in for a good day, WRONG.
I did get a couple of small carp from the 3mtr line , but our end seemed to be devoid of the normally obliging f1,s, which tend to be main weight builders here, the only place I could catch was at 14mtrs close to the bridge in 15 inches of water, and every fish was a proper small carp no f1,s.
The picture below shows my nice little margin swim
Although I caught steadily it was never going to be enough today, the other end was where the fish seemed to want to be , top weight came from 24 which was the end peg and was caught by Steve Brown and weighed 78lb he caught mainly on his top 4 with maggot
2nd was degsy "Dr gay"williams next to the winner on 22 and weighed 53.6
3rd Lee" smiler" Waller on peg 2 with 50.14
4th Terry girdelstone on 3 with 41.2
So first and second next to each other the third on the end peg on the other side of the lake and fourth next to him, all at the windiest end of the lake, so even if the wind is chilly the fish seemed to want to follow it
5th Stuart Graham on 19 with 37.4
6th John wood on 21 with 35.2
My fish went 34.10, whole weigh sheet below
I have got field lake looked for the 10 April so if any one fancies it ring or txt me on 07974807941 to book in or try ringing me in veals on 01179260790 , only 16 pegs available so book early to avoid disappointment

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