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Thursday, 17 March 2016

Windmill silver league rnd 6

After the nice breakfast at Dave hodgson,s wife's and daughters cafe in brislington it was off down the ring road to the fishery,
My turn in c section today which is pegs 19 to 23, the peg to avoid historically in this series is peg 19 so what do I go and draw, yep 19 and with the person I need to beat John barker on peg 23 which is definitely the fishy I end of the section, for company I had Mike laird (again) next to me on 20, but with 19 being an end peg and Mike Nicholls having 15lb of skimmers off 17 at the weekend I thought it may be ok for a few.
I set up a .5g rig and had a plum around , it turned out to be the same depth wherever I went , so one rig was going to do all on the longer lines, I also set up a .4g rig to fish caster at 3 mtrs with caster. At the start I cupped in 4 balls of groundbait at 9 mtrs to my right, some soaked micros to my left, one ball at 5 mtrs in front, and began throwing some casters on the 3 mtr line slightly to my right,
Beginning on the 5 mtr line I had three roach in the first three drops and with the second one being 6oz I thought I may be in for a good day, but it wasn't to be as this line all but died and apart from an odd whitebait during the match that line was a complete waste of time . As the match went on it became obvious the lake had switched off, certainly at our end it did. I can't say I wasn't getting any bites as I was was , but the fish were tiny, I had actually bought so me pinkies with me today, that's the first time in probably 15 years , and after adding a transparent roach to the net, I slung them on the bank, and I will never bring them again. The two longer lines left and right kept giving me small roach and skimmers but no quality, towards the end of the match I began trying the short caster line , and I did have some better roach, then about 45 mins from the end in had a pound plus skimmer off the short line , just what I needed, then on a brief sortie on the longer line I had a 12oz fish, but then it was small fish again so I spent the last 25 mins on the short line , adding a few.more roach, but then the carp moved in , hooking 3 in the last 15 mins, as far as I could see I had done ok in the section, the only one I wasn't sure about was Mr barker on 23, but he was admitting to 7lb , I didn't think I had that and when he weighed 8.9 I thought he had won the section, I was closer than I thought with 7.15, and I pulled out of a few small fish, but so did he so it's swings and roundabouts really. It was a hard day for most and John was actually top weight on the day.
2nd went to ed wynne on peg 28 with 8.2
3rd was me with 7.15
4th Dave wride on 27 with 7.13
5th Steve Dawson on 2 with 6.14
6th Mike Jones on 25 with 5.1

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