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Sunday, 15 May 2016

Round 1 short pole series

Back to Chilton trinity and woodland lake for this 4 match series, 24 booked in, so 4 sections of 6 for the points. I got mishandled to draw for me and she handed me peg 13 , not a bad draw, especially as 12 isn't in as its a tad close, for company I had rod Wooten on 14 and Emma Drysdale on 11, we can only use a topset and 3 sections, so inset up a pellet rig for the margin mainly down towards 12 , a deep meat rig for the "long" line and a shallow pellet rig,
At the start I went straight in on the deep meat rig, but it was a bit slow, only Joe McMahon on 33 and Bob gullick on 32 were catching early doors, and they were fishing shallow, so 20 mins in and with only a good f1 on the meat I was reaching for the shallow rig, I kept feeding meat but slapped pellet around shallow , and I soon began catching, after 2 hours I had 9 carp in my first net, so I put in a second, and from then on I caught well enough to keep me in contact with Joe and Bob, Emma Drysdale began catching a few , some shallow then later on meat in her margins, rod Wooten the other side was also catching quite well in the margins, I was doing well but I suffered a massive meltdown on the fish counting and weight guestimation in my second carp net, by the end I thought I may be over the 70lb net limit in the 2nd net , only the scales would tell, the weigh in started on the far side and Joe was winning with 145.11 to Bob's 137.9 , Emma Drysdale plonked 1 ounce over the ton , now I new in was in trouble with my second net , my first net went 58lb , and as soon as I lifted the second out I new I had gone way over, 70 to 80 you get 70, over 80 and the net is lost, so today I was mainly a twat as I had about 90lb so lost the net, that is the first net I have ever lost totally, I've been over the 70 Mark and lost a few pounds , but today it probably cost me winning, at least it gave everyone a laugh, as I said , today in am a twat.
So Joe won Bob was second Tom mangnal was third with 120.4 on peg 29 and Emma Drysdale
was 4th 29th 100.01.
Silver's went to Martin McMahon with 16.8 of whitebait, meaning it was a father and son double win so fairplay to them.

That's enough from me as I'm off to slash my wrists , no doubt I will be having a bit of stick this week, but lucky for me I'm not fat, I've just got very thick skin LOL.

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