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Thursday, 5 May 2016

Thursday costcutter, viaduct fishery

Another good turnout today with 39 booked in, so we were spread over Campbell Cary and lodge, waiting for the draw I had a conversation with roy"the bomb" worth who fancied a day on the wag as he has made himself some to try out, that would be interesting, there must be an aresly bomb incorporated into there construction some where, he even has the end of his float rods painted orange, a quick Selfy of me and Roy the legend below, I'm not sure who looks older !!!!!!!!!
Into the draw tin of dreams and out comes 102 on Cary, a nice peg with lots of form, but the word was that Cary had switched off a bit, so I was expecting a bit of a grueller, rigs today were a couple of wag affairs, one shallow and one deep, a couple of pellet rigs to fish at 14 mtrs again one shallow and one on the deck , and the obligatory meat rig for 6 mtrs. Travelling partner Chris Fox was on 74 so no moans from him , I think he was just grateful to have avoided lodge lake. For company I had Glen "2pots" Bailey on 103, and he was having a bit of a moan as he reckoned his peg wasn't normally in, pic below of my peg and Glen sat on his aswell.
At the start I began on the depth pellet rig at 14 mtrs, but nothing happened, worrying . Normally as soon as you fire some pellets around the float on this lake , liners follow as the carp move in, attracted by the noise, opposite on 74 Chris managed to mug a couple early doors, , Glen started on the wag and soon lost one, that was the only real action either of us had on the wag, so no more of that , I did lose a fouler but I didn't count that, it was really strange that liners on the depth wag were nearly non existent, which on this lake is virtually unheard of.
It turned into a match of 2 halves for me , the first half gave me one carp and a skimmer, the second half started better with some decent skimmers turning up on the long pole line , then 90 minutes from the end I had a carp and a skimmer on the short meat line , then 3 quick carp on the long pole on the deck, and in was still catching odd skimmers, by now Glen had caught 6 carp on the tip, I must say it was sad to see, he has gone from being one Bristol finest float anglers to someone who fishes with a bell on his rod, I did get one more carp on the whistle, so I had the same number of carp as Glen but I had good doubles of skimmers, so the peg to peg battle was won by me but overall we had done no good, and Jack billett the other side of Glen had beaten him aswell, chip shop sausage LOL.
Jack had 111lb Glen 64 and me 87, it was quite difficult. I did have 25.3 of skimmers so I hoped I may sneak in and perhaps get my money back. Top weight on the day went to Ben ludwell on 111 with 184.2
2nd ash on 119 with 157.8
3rd Scott Russell on 124 with 155.7
4th I Dunlop on 126 with 153.2
5th Chris Fox on 74 with 142.13
6th Wes Gardner on 81 with 128
Silver's 1st Scott Russell on 124 with 45.1 of skimmers
And I snuck in second with 25.3 of accidentals just 2 ounces.ahead of the gimp, John Bradford who fished for them all match ha ha ha .
Anyone interested I will be running an open on Landsend on bank holiday Monday at the end of May, match and number 3 lake , so anyone interested ring or txt me on 07974807941 to book in

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